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2013 Walk MS Information Coming Soon!

  Dover Walk 2010 

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Walk MS Contest Winners
Click here for a complete listing of Team Week and Blitz Day contest winners!

Believe That You Can Help
The MS Walk is the signature fundraising event of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. By participating in the MS Walk you can know that you’ve shared a remarkable achievement with over 250,000 other walkers in more than 700 cities across the country. But most importantly, you’ll be making a difference by raising essential funds for research and services for people with MS.

Teams have more fun!
Team up with family and friends to help fight against MS and have a great time!  Teams are also a great way to bring co-workers closer together, boost company spirit, and demonstrate your community involvement.
Learn more about teams here.

With our powerful online fundraising tools, we’ve made it easier then ever for your family, friends, and coworkers to contribute to your Walk.  Go to your Walk Center to learn more!

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Live Events

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